For almost thirty years the color grey has been the kiss of death to a home sale.  This not quite black but certainly not white was neither inviting nor pleasant on the eye.  Beige was the neutral that reigned supreme in interior design and was the shade to give a home that finished look that builder white could never achieve.  Something has changed in the last couple of years and grey is the new color of choice.  In our modern world where sleek iPhones are desired as much as clean lines of efficiency, the time for grey has finally arrived.  Builders, staffed with teams of professional designers, have caught the grey bug and are featuring the shade in many high-end craftsman homes.

The great thing about grey is that you do not need to have a craftsman style home in order to benefit from it.  Matti has always said that the best investment you can make into your house is paint.  “Color on the wall has such a low cost of application and completely change the way you feel about a living space,” Matti says.  Some of the things we like about grey are:

  • It matches almost all furniture
  • With so many shades, you can experiment with subtle to drastic transformation
  • Ease of application for DIY spirits
  • Artwork pops with the contrast
  • The cool feeling can be both modern and inviting
  • Stunning contrast with white trim

There are two shades of grey that we have had the best success with: Agreeable Grey and Earl Grey both from Sherwin Williams.  These provide enough contrast from basic white to give warm inviting undertones and an element of refined modernism.  If you are interested in a design consultation or would like a referral to a trusted painter, please let us know.  The Ordan Reider Group has some amazing vendors available to assist you in determining if what your houses needs is just a bit of grey!